Saturday, October 01, 2011

Sept 24 - A typical fall day in Lyndonville

7:30 a.m Up and out on the road already! It is our turn to pick up the CSA organic veggies at Porter Farms.
We get there and LOOK! Sheep, Katherine and I love the sheep. Unfortunately, it is what we thought. They are being raised for meat. At least they have a happy life before hand. Just like Lubbock farms that I pass on the way to work every morning. Those beef cattle are good looking cattle. Gorgeous chocolate brown colors. And it helps me to know they are living a happy life know. I myself am not a vegetarian. I do lean more toward being a vegetarian most of the time but I do still eat meat, chicken and salmon. I cannot give up sushi.
On the way to Porter farms we spotted a place that sells white pumpkins and cool gord type things. We load up Big Bertha with the 28 bags of veggies and we made sure we had room to pick up some designer pumpkins as well.

Veggies delivered on time by 10 a.m. Home by 11. I have a bit of a hard time arranging my pumpkins on the front porch so they do not look like phallic symbols. I do not want to insult the neighbors. I am on the main village road!

The sun comes out so not wanting to waste such a beautiful day, I take Jeffery hiking at Hamlin Beach State Park, down the road a piece. Jasper is not hiking material. He stays home. We hiked to Devils nose right on the water.
And on the other side of the park was a nice nature trail.

Jeffery leads the way!!!

Me and my hiking buddy. What a wonderful fall day it was. I can't wait to hike when the leaves start to change color and it smells like you are inside a giant pumpkin!    More to come!!  I found lots of hikes in CNY just waiting for me and Jeffery!  And to finish off this typical fall day in Lyndonville, Curly's kicked off the season with a Band and we danced the night away.....................