Wednesday, October 09, 2013

I Am Exactly Where I Am Supposed To Be......Again.....

New me, new home!!!    Heaven, I'm in heaven! And I thank the Lord for always giving me the delights of my heart. I love being home. I love being able to see Ursula and Katherine, Barb and all my friends within a few minutes! Even in Lyndonville it was an hour drive to see any one!  I am doing my yoga,  I am running. I walk my boys every day along Tonawanda Creek! Sometimes more if the weather is good. The Weather!!! Its been GLORIOUS!!!!  Open windows with cool crisp breezes. And can we talk about my windows??? 20 feet high and I see the lovely N. Tonawanda and the creek, boats, runners, dog walkers. My job, oh I love it and believe me it challenges me every day. But I accept the challenge. It keeps my brain young that is for sure. 

So I need to make sure I keep to my word and not continue to keep repeating things that did not work in my past.  I am eating healthy. I am going to do more outdoors things even in the winter! Less drinking. Lets face it. Drinking does NOTHING good for me. I like a nice glass of wine here and there and I love to go out dancing to a great band. Across the street is The Dockside and they have all my favorite bands there. So yes! I will go. Im not going to give it up, just not as often. 

I want to explore and do different wonderful things. I am going to Kirtan Friday. I have always wanted to go and I am going darn it. I am going to do more Meetups that have hiking an kayaking and snowshoeing. More 5K races. I am also going to try the Niagara Climbing Center! There a a multitude of Farmers Markets to go to. Barb and I went to the Bidwell Pkwy one last Saturday and then walked Delaware Park even tho it was pouring rain in the morning it got better by 9.  I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

 My job has me traveling all over, Dallas, Manhattan, Boston. OH I have a Go Live Dec 18 in Manhattan so I can go ice skating at Rockefeller Center and take that off my bucket list soon!!!  2014 I will be traveling to Vegas twice for another client. God spoils me. My boys are even doing better. Jasper seems better now that I have him on a holistic diet. My 11 year old puppy no longer has the dementia he had in Florida.  Over the winter I will go to RV shows. I will get a nice luxury Class C. Not in a rush tho. I am doing my 90 days of JNL and then 90 days of Tapout XT. OH I WILL TRANSFORM this body, and I WILL post pics here.