Friday, July 26, 2013

The Best for Last

My adventures and my freedom has taken me many places. Because of my freedom I have ventured too far from home thinking that a gorgeous condo on Tampa bay watching dolphins and pelicans every day would be what is best for me. 
I always have to learn the hard way. I have friends and a cousin that miss me! I have co-workers from my old job that miss me! Why am I in paradise where I have no friends and no family? (That wants me) 
I have  been here a year, and it has been a very very lonely year. I was distracted by Florida's beauty and wonderfulness that I didn't realize that I am frigging ALONE every day. day in and day out. When I go places, when I venture out, when I go to the farmers market or the beach, or dinner at Tryst or the beach bars I am alway ALONE.  

So, I am returning home to where many many people want me to come home. I will cherish these people more than they KNOW! Really, They have no idea the fact that they are honest with me. Miss me!! 

Of course I still continue to live my awesome life. You think I would leave my gorgeous condo on Tampa Bay for just anything?  I always wanted to live in a loft apartment..... 

just another one of my dreams coming true

My life is awesome. God Spoils me. 

I just wish the lessons I had to learn weren't so frigging expensive. If I had the money for every time I moved....yeah every time I move to be near Jeffery that asshole owes me at least  
50 grand. The fucker. But hey, my life is so much better now with out him.