Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 4 of 30

Restorative Yoga for today. Because I over did it with the Insanity work out and had beer and wine last night in a friends fab backyard garden .

Change. I never thought I was going to move again. I have moved so many times, but this time I moved here with the intention of being here permanently.  I accepted the fact that I would drive 44 miles each way for work. I thought I would be at Fidelis forever too. My how things have changed in 1 year.  But for good. For my dreams are to finally come true! I am open to wonderful possiblilties.
When I first moved here I was full of hope, love and feelings of finally reaching a long awaited goal. I was so naive and gullible. I did not realize that my true wishes and dreams were going to come true, but only if I eliminate that, that no longer serves me, respects me or has my best interest or heart. It was really hard to face, and to accept, but with time, I have accepted it. And of course now, it makes a lot more sense. More than it did when I had to face it. I could not continue to respect myself if I allowed people in my life that have no respect for me. I had to detox people that have no substance or quality lives from my continuously growing abundant life. The more I let go, the more such great and wonderful opportunities presented themselves to me. I observe women gripping and clawing to hang on to men that are of such low quality characters and are just bad news waiting to happen and I want to just yell at them!  But they have to learn on their own. They need to see the results of such poor poor choices.  I trust yoga and my spirituality to help guide me to open my heart, and open my eyes to see the truth out there. My life is so good and happy because of my good choices...................

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 3 of 30

Follow your Bliss - That deep sense of being present, of doing what you absolutely must do, to be yourself. When ever I think of my bliss or my perfect home, it always includes  visions of me doing a fabulous yoga flow! No huffing or puffing, just a gorgeous choreographed ME stretching and feeling completely whole after a grand yoga session on my deck in front of a large body of water, or during a sunrise or sunset.

I love nature. I love animals. I love yoga. So I guess I better practice what I preach! Today I did my jivamukti yoga with Sharon Gannon and David Life. Oh so refreshing and invigorating! I can't wait to move because I feel so cramped here. The floorplan of this house is so choppy. The yoga was good but I will feel better in a more open space---soon! Meanwhile, I will practice where I can. I should do it out back in the yard!
I have noticed that Jasper is a bit ADHD. He can't seem to find a place to nap. He hops from place to place.
Maybe he got it from me.
I am following my Bliss. Every morning I wake up and thank God for this awesome life I am living.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 2 of 30

Namaste! I must say I am very consistent! I am always good at starting over! Middle? Finish?
Ha ha.  But I did finish my Seaside Yoga practice today. Much better than yesterday.
I really needed those downward dogs.
The goal of yoga may be the ultimate freedom but ever before this is achieved we discover more self-control, sensitivity and awareness that permit  us to live the life we aspire to, one of decency, clean honest human relations, goodwill and fellowship, trust, self reliance, joy in the fortune of others, and equanimity in the face of our own misfortune. From a state of human goodness we can progress toward the greater freedom. From doubt and confusion we cannot. What we call bad is ignorance in action and thrives only in darkness.
-BKS Iyengar

So day 2(morning) I have already heard from 2 good friends whose hearts are pure and full of love and joy. Those are the kinds of people I like to surround myself with. Our friendships have our backs at all times, in good and sad days. We lift each other, we carry each others laughter. We share our happiest and fruitful days and we cheer each other on our goals! Those are real friends. Thank you God for such wonderful humans in my life.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 1 of 30 Yoga Challenge

Choppy and interrupted.  It started out OK. Then I got interrupted by a call from a co-worker. She found
youtube video's on HL7 and the Iguana translator. Geeks like us love this stuff. One of my rules for the
challenge is to do at least 30 minutes or more. I went back to my yoga to finish off my 30 minutes and
it felt off now. I did do a little meditation. Om gom ganapatye namaha......remover of obstacles. I need
to remove all obstacles in my life. I only have a couple. Of course doing the yoga I could not concentrate
fully, all I could think about was how dirty and smelly my rug is and how I can't wait to move. My landlord
wouldn't let me remove the ugly green carpets. They are awful. This house served me well, but now
I just can't wait to get out of here. The reasons why I moved here are like rancid food in a garbage pail.
They make me recoil in disgust. Lose my appetite. My mind was so fuzzy and easily duped. Clean living
and fresh food has enlightened my mind and my life. Tomorrow I intend to do a better yoga! I will do it
in the morning. Oh I cannot wait to do yoga on my deck during the sunrise................

30 Day Yoga Challenge

I have decided to begin  a 30 day yoga challenge. I have got to do something to bring
peace to my mind! To my body! I have to get my mind off so many things, the mortgage application
what do I do if I don't get the mortgage? My landlord wants to put up a for sale sign now that I told
him I am buying a different house, not this one!  I just need peace and calm now while I wait.
I put it out to the Universe and God that I will accept what is in store for my future. I have two irons
in the fire. I had to create a back up plan in case I don't get the mortgage. A back up plan that
will ease my broken heart if I don't get the house of my dreams. Its actually very good! So in a month
or two my life will change completely --AGAIN!!!  I will be moving that is for sure. Where, I have left
that decision to the Universe and God, for my highest good.
So how can I challenge myself to 30 days of yoga when I couldn't even do the 14 Day yoga detox?
I don't know. But something tells me I have to try.

The reason I am writing about this challenge is to hold myself accountable for the 30 days. I never
seem to finish anything. I intend to finish this 30 day challenge. For my health, mind and well being.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

50 Shades of Grey -----NOT!

Well I almost downloaded this book to my Nook, until I read the reviews. Not good. Laughable even. And after reading the reviews I realized I don't have to read the book, I already lived it.......girl falls in love with man, man wants lots of sex, man wants to keep it a secret, girl loves man so she keeps it a secret, man never had a heart, feelings, values, soul depth or substance or integrity thus the sexual issues...........................

been there.  done that.   

Maybe I will watch the movie when it comes out.
Read the reviews on Amazon  laughable......

Friday, June 08, 2012

If you had 3 wishes...........

....what would you do? Me? I would have to pass...........because the last of all my wishes is about to come true.

Thank you God for my awesome life!