Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Wonderful Outdoors

I noticed a familiar smell today. I was walking the dogs down the road. I had promised Jeffery a nice long walk since it is his birthday today. And there it was, a smell that reminded me of the days when I first started hiking in the woods. I think it was around 1995. I bought the book; 13 greatest Hikes in WNY. I went to Hunter’s Creek and Rock City and others during the fall and winter. It was the beginning of my love affair with the Outdoors. There was one hike on the Whispering Pines trail I believe just outside of Holland when it began snowing those big fat snow flakes. It was so quiet and so beautiful. And that smell, the smell of a cool crisp autumn day in the woods; like being in the middle of a pumpkin! I had done many hikes, mostly alone. Then I took Jasper on a few when he was a puppy and basically just carried him in my puppy carrier. I remember taking him on a hike over on Gasport Road, and look at that, we ended up living a block away from that trail all last year. But those hiking trips soon turned into camping trips. And now look at me, I LIVE in the middle of that wonderful smell that I would pack up and drive to! I noticed a covered bridge at the bottom of my road. I will get pics of that on our next walk. Its going to be a great winter and I can’t wait till spring when I can start setting up my front porch with hanging flowers and window boxes and really comfy wicker furniture. We will sit out there on rainy days and sunny mornings. It will be a very tough decision to stay or go to the RV on the weekends. I will cross that bridge when I come to it! For now I am just going to enjoy looking out my windows and taking the boys for walks.

We Moved! (AGAIN)

Ok I think I have a moving issue, I just realized my little Jeffery is 2yrs old today and with him alone, we moved 3 times. And Jasper? Well, lets see, he is 4 and with him we moved 6 times.........
Any way, here is our new home in Albion NY. The perfect farm house surrounded by cornfields. We just LOVE it here. We have a big porch and you should see the faces on my little dogs when they run as hard as they can in the back yard. Jasper looks joyous trying to catch up to his brother Jeffery with the long legs. At night its DARK. But I am so completely at peace here. And look at that FABULOUS pantry!!! Yes we will be here for a long time. Its just heaven for us.

Come drive down my country road

to a place where you will feel you belong, where it feels like home. I am sure I will be baking or cooking something. The old Cyndie may have been the last one to leave Happy Hour but the now Cyndie finds pleasure in a new recipe in Real Simple magazine, or watching the birds at the bird feeder, walking the dogs in the fields and thanking God for my wonderful life!!! And you are always welcome to visit, drop by, drink some fresh in a glass................

My house on Phipps Rd!

Come on by and sit on the porch we will drink red wine and watch the corn grow.......

My backyard

My view from the Pantry window

You can almost see Aunty Em and Dorothy out in the cornfield looking for Toto, he ran away again

My view from the kitchen window

Jasper and Jeffery

Saturday, November 10, 2007

My Most beloved Pantry!!!!!



And more Kitchen

Living room area

and who is that on the couch?????? Could it be the Birthday boy???? 2 yrs Old!!!!

Window seat in dining area

Dining area

My office, painting has been postponed

Note the beautiful curtains from my friend Katherine, she came over and we had some red wine and hung them, and peed our pants laughing when I showed her the screwdriver stuck in the wall, (in the closet) trying to pound a hole in the wall for my computer speaker wire. Thank God Jeffery came over the next day with his big drill........