Monday, September 05, 2011

and what the heart doesnt want..........

Came home and found flowers on my doorstep........sigh....but from someone I have absolutely no attraction to.
Right now my heart will always belong to someone who does not deserve it. I think I would rather be alone and single for now There just isn't anyone out there that I feel can replace him.  I just want to be alone for now.

The heart wants what the heart wants......

A few close friends told me not to buy this house, except for Terri who says I should buy it because it is so peaceful and quiet here.  ALL the men in my life told me not to buy a Toyota FJ Cruisere, even tho it is my dream car.  So I weighed my options, because I drive 80 miles a day for work, do I go with the gas saving small car? Or do I get something that will get me back and forth during the snow months????? Since I moved to Lyndonville, I myself even thought I was done with camping as well since I am already in the country and have my own fire pit......but well,,,,,there are some things I just can't get out of my blood and I love camping!!! I booked a couple days at Golden Hill this month just to get back into it. I thought I would get over my driving anxiety attacks by camping close by and taking baby steps and going further and further each camping weekend. I have 3 state parks here on Lake Ontario less than 50 miles that I can start out with. Then do the Finger lakes, and I have camped at the 1000 Islands numerous times. So I thought, I need a little trialer. Not a pop up but like a teardrop or an Aliner. So yep I got my dream car last week.

The heart wants what the heart wants. God I love Big Bertha, isnt she awesome!!!!

So I have to go get a tent for Golden Hill but thats just going to be for now. So more to come with the camping stories!!!
I just couldnt bring myself to buy anything with 13 inch tires.

I always do whats in my heart and not what is practical. I can afford the truck AND the gas so why friggin not????