Sunday, July 31, 2005

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

my iPod has turned me into an iNtrovert

God I love my iPod! Let me tell you, I have been working up to this! From the days when I would record Dr. Laura on cassette tapes from the radio so I could listen while at work, then I discovered Internet Radio! I set up some kind of line in to the mic and still recorded from the PC to a cassette tape and listened once again on my walkman to any type of Talk Radio. Then eventually, I could listen to streaming audio while at work! I bought my own speakers! Of course a few years of that and that was eventually curtailed. I then discovered thumb drives and I could download my Coast to Coast Mp3s onto my thumbdrive and bring em to work and listen!!!!! I tried to use my Sony Discman Mp3 player, those mini disks were a bite. I owned about 6 of those players. And then,,,,there it was,,,,, all white and glowy.......My iPod Shuffle. This thing has been strapped to my neck since I bought it. I use it for the travel to and from work, when I walk the dog, I have my workout music on there for the gym. And ooooooooohhhhhh yessssssss my Podcasts. I think I have died and gone to heaven. Talk Radio all the time. Tech talk, all kinds of tech talk, music, politics. People at work have been looking at me like I have been shunning them. They ask, "Is everything O.K?". They think somethings wrong since I have stopped talking. At All! They see the iPod, but they don't hear my new world. They don't hear the fun banter, the interesting subjects to my heart! The magnetic personalities of my people of my podcasts. It seems so intimate. I listen to them daily, weekly, and I feel like I KNOW these people! Heck, some do tell us "too much information." How can I tell my co workers that they could never compete for my attention any more? I'm never giving it up and when that fateful day comes I want you to bury me with my iPod and please download the full gig of interesting podcasts and favorite music, place the earbuds just so, and put it on shuffle...............

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Camping with Jasper! Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 11, 2005

Bears, Bears, Bears

I wanted to be one with nature and see the sunrise and sunset over a lake, smelling the campfire……… off to the Adirondacks I go.......

When we got to Saranac Lake we got a great site on the water! Of course so did everyone else, I noticed that I drove 7 hours so I can sleep outside in a tent right next to strangers less than 2 feet away. The tent sites were really squeezed together and I could join in the conversation with the people on either side of me easily if I wanted to and not even raise my voice.

But when we got to the State Park, the people at the booth warned me there were BEARS, and also handed me a pamphlet on how to keep them away, the whole time I put up the tent and cooked dinner I made sure I didn’t do anything that would attract bears. I put all my food in the car. I threw Jaspers old food in the lake. I took a shower before bed so my sweat would not attract any bears. I went to sleep clutching Jaspers leash so he could not sneak out of the tent. I dreamt about BEARS coming in my tent, then I woke up around 1 A.M and I swear I could hear BEARS right next to the tent, oh my god I can hear BEARS on both sides of the tent, my heart was pounding and I was scared out of my mind. I woke up little more and realized it was just the people 2 feet away on EACH side of me SNORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I left home for this? I went back to sleep and dreamt of mountain lions trying to get into my tent. 2:30 AM I wake up because now it is POURING rain outside, well at least the bears won’t come out in the rain. It rained hard, and for 45 minutes straight. I didn’t care how much $ I spent; I couldn’t even wait for day light. At 5 AM I started packing up, and need I add my neighbors both still snored away the whole time, I was back on the road home, but I was one with nature because at least I saw the sunrise in my rear view mirror………..

There’s no place like home

Click, click, click

There’s no place like home.

Anybody want to buy a tent? I just put it on eBay.