Saturday, October 01, 2011

Sept 16-17 Golden Hill State Park

Lately we have been having one beautiful fall day after another. So Friday, the 16th I got out of work early and packed Big Bertha for her first camp out!

I had traded in my trusty Tracker that took me to Denver and back and numerous camping trips I cannot count for my dream truck, Big Bertha (Toyota FJ Cruiser)
I set up our campsite on the water pretty fast and easy. Beautiful view of my favorite Lake Ontario.

Terri arrived around 7, we had burgers and 1 beer each. Two totally awesome women afraid to drink more because we didn't want to ruin our willpower by texting or calling in a drunk moment of weakness to undeserving jerks. I left my cell phone home any way. My weak moments seem to come even when not drunk. And note this women: It is not the person you miss, it is the "idea" of what was. The memory of what was. Not the person himself. It is just hard to discern when your mind is floating and befuddled with ferment.
Well I planned on sleeping in Big Bertha with the boys, Terri slept in the tent. In the middle of the night, nature called.  It was warm and cozy and spacious in the truck with my manimals. Well I got out to go- but I couldnt cuz the light was on and I didnt want to attract attention, so I slammed the door shut that was ajar........and my new truck that I am not used to yet, did that blinking thing it does before it LOCKS!!! My heart dropped, my boys and all my keys are in there! Its 3 a.m. in the middle of a camp ground! I checked every door and the door I came out of---opened! Whew! Of course it took a while to go back to sleep, my heart was just pounding, a little bit of a panic attack kicked in but I did enjoy the glow of the moon through the windows.....
We woke up in the morning and it was FREEZING! We opted to make coffee and then go home. This was not fun. Well then I said, lets at least use up all the wood first since its nice and toasty and then we can leave.Well while sitting at the toasty fire we decided, lets make bacon and eggs and then we can leave.

Terri is now the official egg flipper. The sun came out during breakfast and our cozy fire! So well, lets go on a hike first and then we can go home. So we hiked and it was a nice hike in the woods.
Terri finally did go after noon. I stayed to read for a while just watching the lake in the sun. A while ago I had asked for a specific feather sign. Cuz I had heard it somewhere......instead of asking for just a sign, be more specific. So I picked feathers. Terri and I joke about it all the time. Like I could be sitting somewhere and someone would shoot a duck above my head, because hurting any animals mortifies me........I can barely drive to work because I have to avert my eyes from any lumps in the road. You would be surprised at the amount of wild life in the boonies....on the side of the road.
So I asked for a feather sign to help me in making my life decisions. I am relaxing on the edge of the lake when I see two big white swans floating my way. I am not sure how to decipher this sign. I am pretty sure these are the same two swans that used to visit Green Harbor (which is a few miles down the lake) where I had my RV the season of 2007. I am still not sure how to decipher this sign.