Thursday, September 20, 2012

NOW I got it!!!

The first few weeks I was here I had it AALLLLLLL wrong! And I really should have known better! Wasn't it me who said here a little while ago - Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over and expecting something different!

When I first moved here I thought, well what better way to meet the locals and make some friends than, yep, going to a bar! Ha ha ha ha ha I laugh now. I did go to SKOB (Siesta Key Oyster Bar a few times my first two weeks here and yes I talked to interesting people......interesting DRUNK people! It was the same old, same old! Oh yeah, the stupid emailing stupid people from my past. And I really was VERY over Jeffery but when he came to visit me last month just before  I moved to Florida it just threw all my senses into a tizzy. I forgot everything I learned in my spiritual deep dive.  But then reading one of my books just a couple days ago, the author suggested, even if you are not with someone you love any more,
you can still FEEL that love, feel how it feels, just don't attach it to a person. So they said, drop down into your heart and just feel what that love for that person feels like.
Well, I did, I tried, and I tried again. I didn't feel any love for Jeffery. I didn't feel it at all. Did I ever love him then? Was it just a habit? So DONE with that chapter in my life.

So here I AM!!!  I moved to Sarasota Florida!!! Thanks to my NEW job I am able to move! I rented a beautiful home! New state! Everything is new! New Start! So why the heck am I going back to OLD habits? Thank God I realized this early!! 

So it is time to refresh and renew. I have been eating really healthy! I do yoga or walk the dogs in the morning. At lunch I run 2 miles, trying to increase as I move on. I then do the Tracy Anderson work out. If i don't do any of that at lunch I just found an awesome place to work out! It is called Pure Barre it may look tame but I was sweating like a dainty little piggy! 
I actually found the place yesterday when I took myself to the Yogurt place next door. I saw all these beautiful Stepford like women leaving. I thought it was just a yoga clothing store! 
So I researched it online and the reviews were amazing. So today I joined! Something to look forward to.  I also found a Hot Yoga place 20 minutes away too! I am ALSO going to join that! And Crunch Fitness is down the street as well. So I am hoping to keep busy with all these great workouts, run some 5Ks, go to drumming circles, eat healthy and also treat my awesome boys with at least 1 walk a day. 
They are my constant rocks that help me stay grounded in a new city and state. Yes, sometimes I get scared being some place new, but they look at me with those eyes, no matter where we are, those "so where is my treat? eyes. They don't care where we are.
I do! I absolutely LOVE it here. Finally! A move just for MYSELF!!!!  I just need to stay healthy and not revert back to those useless old ways that never did a thing for me!!! As soon as I can walk! All this working out.........hurts so good!!!