Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day weekend and corn on the cobb

Well I just went to the store and got my watermelon for the holiday, I asked the produce guy where the corn on the cobb was and he said there wasn't any. The watermelon sucks here. Its pale pink and not sweet at all. Last summer I would be slicing up big beefsteak tomatoes and grilling corn on the cob. I would be putting flowers in my urns for the porch and cutting the grass. Jasper and I would be on the porch reading the paper waving to the neighbors.
Here my front door opens to two other peoples front doors, that I never see! The people next door to my enclosed patio have a whole wooded deck patio that I would die for. They never use it. Well, I can't blame them, I can't use mine either after 10 a.m. It gets so hot even the dogs can't go out there. Well, at least I can still walk them early morning and after dinner.

Its Memorial day. Lets take a little time to remember the many many people who have given all they had for this country. The families they left behind. If it were not for them, we would not be able to freely enjoy this day.