Thursday, April 26, 2012

Not bad for 53

And I have no plans on getting old any time soon. I have too many things going on that keep me very very young. I think I am going to join the Hive, they have really good yoga classes and I want to try the Hot Yoga. I bet it gets sexy in there!!!!  And the boot camp. I have a few 5K races coming up. I have no where in my date book a place to add "aging" hahahahaha. I will be doing some traveling in my new job so I plan to explore everywhere I go. I have this huge empty white board in front of me and I am anxious to start penciling in some adventures. Definitely more hiking and camping in the future. There is a nice little trailer I have my eye on. A little one. I dont want to pull a big huge tin can. Something smaller like 12 feet, but not a pop up. I thank you God for my wonderful life every day. You are bringing to me all the delights of my heart.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

I kind of lost it in Warrior II pose today. The studio was like 90 degrees and it is quite understandable. I interpret Warrior II pose to be arms outstretched, half in the past and half in the future, legs stance ready for action, ready for anything. That is me. That will be me all next week. My last week at my old job. While gearing up and accepting packages for my new job to get set up. I will be simultaneously in the past and in the future. But I am ready for anything. I am ready for action. I love my old job and I will miss it. This company is good and if you want to remain "safe" until retirement, It's the perfect place to be. I see nothing wrong with it. For most people with families and kids, college aged kids etc. Its a good place. You are safe, and you can stretch yourself here and there if needed but not necessary. Like today. I did my forward bends, and twists. I used the yoga block a few times. I am not yet limber.
But I don't want to remain safe any more. I am at my best when I challenge myself. So in my new job I will reach even further than I did before, balance on one foot on tiptoe if I can, open my heart in a back bend and allow it to break OPEN. No more easy child's pose for me. I am not dead, or retired or any where near that yet. I am alive, hahahah I just misspelled that, alove, I think I like that new word. ALOVE! Alive for love......yep.
I will breathe in new air. I will challenge myself every day. I got so complacent. No more.......I am so ready for this!!

Virabhadrasana II
Now that I know this pose was named after some warrior who grew from the hair of a blue devil, I like to use it to strengthen myself against my enemies: those evildoers who constrict the oxygen supply of precious freedom. Here's how it's done: I want you to step forward with your left foot pointing straight ahead and your back foot turned in about 45 degrees. Inhale, and take your arms out to the side, and on the exhale bend your front knee. Look past your right hand, and repeat the mantra "God Bless America". This will counter the evil effects of the pose.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

My ship is about to come in!

Working from the Porch

That is  what my horoscope said a few months ago. I trust this horoscope. It told me the exact day I would move to Denver, and now for April, it told me that if I was looking or interviewing for a new job, I would find out if I got it on April 6.
Well, on April 6 I got my official email telling me I passed the pre-employment background check and drug test.

On April 30 I start my new, awesome job, working from home! On the same day, my mortgage broker emailed me and told me I did indeed qualify for that big gorgeous house down the street that I have been loving from afar! 

I believe it is my overwhelming gratitude for the awesome life I currently have that has propelled me forward in this new phase of my life. I thank God every day for my great and simple life.

Yes, I said simple. That is why, when I knew I could buy that big 4 bedroom gorgeous house down the street, it just didn't sit well with me. Because the house is in Lyndonville it is going for 165,000. Anywhere else it would easily be 300,000 for sure. If it was in E Aurora or Clarence. But even at that deep discount, I have decided I don't need a big house like that. Yes, it would be awesome awesome awesome to work from home from that beautiful spacious place. And even without the big salary increase I have now, I still could have afforded it on my old salary.   Its just too big for me. If I was not alone, it would be a different story. 

My heart really wants to stay right where I am and just remodel here at my own pace. I have to remember I am just a simple girl, with simple tastes.

Oh the job!!! Well!!!! It is as tho I pulled my dream job out of my head! I will be implementing hospital coding software - FROM HOME!!! My forte is implementation of Systems.  I will be rounding out a team nationwide as the Upper East Coast Technical Business Analyst.  2 days tops on site most of the time. So some travel is involved. I will have to shave my legs occasionally, hahahaha. My first training Boot Camp is in May, in Bellevue WA, a bridge away from Seattle where I have always wanted to go. 

I don't have to buy MegaMillion Lottery tickets any more. I have everything I ever wanted already.  A husband would be nice and I am sure that I will find one soon in my travels...................I am not worried one bit that I won't, because I am ready God. Thank you.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

I forgot who I was

I forgot who I was for a while and seemed to be stagnating. I was not wallowing in self pity, that is just not me. But I was disconnecting myself. Going through the motions and sometimes just taking the easy very traveled road. I forgot that my strengths and triumphs came in learning new things under pressure, finding out how things tick and then writing a manual on how to use it! On challenging myself to pick the unknown and quickly becoming the expert.
I have not honed my senses in a long time and it's time to get back in the game. I have found someone who is excited about my experience and knowledge. I am not afraid, because I beleive in myself. This world isn't the same any more and it's time that I do thingS on my terms for a change. I have seen the future and it is sweet!!! Thank you God for your faith in me!

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Standing on the edge again!

Just like I did when I went to Denver! It took a long time to get back here again. On the edge of something BIG! My life is coming together, everything on my wish/goal list is coming true!!! When I movRd to Denver my life kept moving forward, every day better than the next. The way it should be because I believed in myself and what I am capable of. I got side tracked by a selfish liar. Two days ago a friend told me that men are pigs and they will do and say whatever they can to just get a peice of ass. This selfish liar manipulated me into leaving Denver and my too good to be true life so I could just sit around and be available when he needed to get laid. I have finally gotten back to my too good to be true life. It's taken 6 years. 6 wasted years I can't get back, but at least what I am looking at in front of me is better than I ever dreamed. Got is giving me all the delights of my heart and I am truly grateful. Thank you God. Thank you for my wonderful wonderful life!!!