Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dinner tonite!

I have really strange eating habits. While I do try to eat healthy, when I find something I like, I may have it, consecutively for weeks in a row. Tonite, and probly for the next 5 nights, it is steamed veggies and salmon! I have finally got it down to where I can steam the veggies to still crisp and colorful. I shake a bit of terriyaki sauce and grated fresh ginger on top. Here you see, salmon, brussel sprouts, sugar snap peas, and mini red and orange peppers. I usually slice up some bok choy in this dish as well. My inspiration for this dish is Kylie Kwong. I love her recipes.

This is my drive to work........meandering calmly in the morning

Dancing at the Lafayette Tap Room

Went out for Happy Hour with friends, checked out the New Duff's on Dick Rd. Great 2 for 1 specials, but the atmosphere was not so great. BRIGHT lights that me and the other older women were none too fond of, and the music was just loud enough so that you could not tell what the song was.....of course me, she who cannot go straight home, ended up at the Lafayette Tap room. I hung out with some new friends I made, and there was this one couple, whose names I have already forgotten, they have been married like forever. They have been coming to the Tap room for over 20 years. And they dance. Every time they are there. Maybe 20 dances a night. I watched them dance together. Blues music. They seemed to have the yoga face. You know, complete calm and serenity. That "I don't give a hoot about anything" smirk. They were really happy with each other. And then upon closer inspection, I noticed something really odd. He had a sort of crooked bend for an old man, and so did she. But the closer I looked they bent into each other like interlocking puzzle peices.
20 years of dancing with each other will do that to a wonderful to have a puzzle peice that fits only you.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Look at all my birdies!!!!

Birdie Birdies

I love to sit at my cozy kitchen table early in the morning, and the coffee is goooooooood. My most favorite thing to do besides french toast is watching the birds at the bird feeder. I love each and every little fat budgie birdie. I also have a squirrel that comes by too. Its these simple things that God spoils me with. Oh the potential of a Saturday ahead of you. What to do, what to do..........

Monday, January 25, 2010

Name that farm

Cold Antler Farm is a new blog I have been following, Turkey Hill Farm is the famous name of Martha Stewart's farm. I need to name my farm! Ok so maybe I don't have a farm, but what I do have is Barnheart, which is a yearning to live amongst farm animals in the country and churn your own butter, which is actually really easy if you read the blog. I have always wanted a farm with a big vegetable and herb garden in the back, flower gardens along the sides of the house, chickens and goateee goatees..... I love goats. Hmmmmm the Shabby Goat Farm (shabby chic). Ok I HEARD that, I am not using the Funny Farm. Even tho I have been really bad lately. I think I got it all out of my system. I need to revert to being the farm girl I always wanted to be, but for now, the farmgirl that lives in the city. This distraction finally comes at a good time. I have been wasting too much time with the past. I yell at everyone else for dwelling in the past and there I am leading the parade! I love all the recipes and cool things that I could sew or knit. I am getting all these ideas from these great blogs and I will link to them on the side there -------> So this blog is going to take a turn there. Or should I start a whole new blog? Well let me noodle on that. More to come. Since I have also been cooking alot, I will start adding my recipes and pics too.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Conversation with God

After a conversation with God I was advised that the potential relationship I mourned in my post yesterday never would have grown into what my imagination thought. Something in me sensed it. My instincts told me what you see on the outside is not real. The more I thought about it the more I could see evidence of disconnects with truth, there was not enough "root system" to hold the massive tree of potential that is in store for me. This was a catalyst to break open my very closed heart, so that what is in store for me can be accepted with great appreciation. There is a reason why people come into your life. Good or bad, just be wise enough to discern their motivations. Do not put people on pedestals that don't deserve it. Let God take care of that because they will receive everything they DO deserve.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Soul Mates Christmas 2009

Has it really been almost a year?????

March 9th was my last blog? Really? Wow, I know it has a lot to do with FaceBook. Second, since I moved here back to the city of Buffalo, this house is really like a home for me now. Maybe like songwriter's, they can't write unless they are wallowing in pain, I have no agony as my muse. And that has sooooo not been me the last year and a half. I have been embracing my life. Good and bad and the bad is not so much now. I have had just a few set backs. REAL BIG ONE's tho. One's that have completely altered my thinking and the way I do things from now on. I also think yoga is making me YOUNGER! hahahahahaha, no really. I look alot younger than I did when I came back from Denver in 2006.
Also, I was at the bookstore mid 2009 and a book caught my eye.... Merle's Door by Ted Kerasote. It is a story about a dog but 10 times better than Marley and me. Not only did I really love the book, it opened a door for myself, so to speak. The way Ted Kerasote wrote about the outdoors, mainly Wyoming, and living a natural outdoors type of life, it did two things. It made me REALLY regret moving back from Denver. And two instead of all the "spiritual" type books I have started reading more outdoors and animal books, all the books by Ted, some great ones by Jane Goodall, and my new hero Ann Labastille, the Woodswoman who built her own log homes and lived in the Adirondack mountains. Oh I can smell the camp fire already......there are other books too by Terry Tempest Williams and many many more in a stack waiting to be read. Its like a whole new world for me. A world I would love to live in some how some way. I just don't think I could hunt to keep myself alive. Maybe a really nice log home, near a stream, a few blocks from Wegman's. Well, as long as I can have a nice fire pit in the yard. I ask God all the time if I used up my lifetime supply of soul mates. I have had some great relationships and have learned to put others ahead of me. That is what will make me happy, to see the people in my life happy because of me, because I put them first, made them feel special, because they ARE. I just want a nice simple life with someone, and wouldn't it be great if he had kids? I would love to adopt or become a foster parent but I beleive it takes two parents so I won't do that to a child. I dream of a house and you look into the glowing light of the window and you see us, laughing around the dinner table, playing games, making plans. I worry that my wishes have been used up. So I guess I should start cutting down trees for my log home in the woods.........