Tuesday, October 05, 2010

New Chapter in My Life

One day I want to have my own cabin in the woods. I want to buy land and build a homestead. I have been researching everything I can on it and I needed a place to keep all my information together. So I thought I would also share it too. So I am not going to retire this blog, but I will be spending alot of time at my NEW blog
The Barefoot Hippie Homestead
I would like it to be in a year or two. And then again, my friend Barb laughs at me because my retirement plans change on a daily basis. So whether it happens or not................come along for the ride. I can still have a Barefoot Hippie Homestead right here where I am. Heck, I can have chickens in the city of Buffalo now if I just got a permit. Nothing is impossible!!!