Sunday, May 08, 2016

I remember momma

How can I not? I see her hands every day, I hear her voice when I talk to my dogs. My mom did the best that she could with the circumstances she was given. I was so naive back then I had no idea we were actually below poverty level. But we survived. 
I spent most of my adult life in constant anger against my mother. Now I wish I could take it all back. We did have good times and love and laughter. She instilled hard work in me. 
And I work hard every day because of her. I have to. I still have not gotten that pot of gold
and I basically live paycheck to paycheck. But I feel peaceful. I guess I learned that things do not define me. 
I miss you momma. I have your pictures here and Im going to make a corner of the house for you, I will sit there and visit with you. 
I am living the same life she did. Momma never had a man in her life either. Not a single man all the years she took care of us. She was happy. I wish I could cook up a storm like you momma. I miss those days when you had the whole house smelling like panciet and adobo. I think I will make panciet in your honor today. ha ha I'll try......

I love you.