Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Gratitude, thank you God for my awesome life

I thank God every day for my great life. It was not easy to get here but now my life is simple and happy. Little things make me happy, a great recipe, the birds at the feeder in my back yard. I have a female cardinal that has been pecking my kitchen window every day for 3 months. I love her. I don't know who she is (they say people who have passed come to you as birds, she has a mate so its not mom) or just watching a beautiful full moon from my deck. Since I have bought my house and set my intention of putting down roots, my life just gets better and better. The real key is to thank God not only in the good but also during the bad. God keeps us on our toes to teach us. I am truly blessed.

My newest obsession is Milk paint and I have converted my garage into my painting workshop since my car is too big to fit into my garage.  I have already obtained some cool furniture pieces to repaint. I got a great headboard I will make into a bench. My goal is to be part of Lockport's Garden Walk next year since that is how I found my beautiful home last year!

Its amazing the things you can do when you wake up refreshed and have the whole weekend to do fun things, I gave up alcohol and its the best thing I ever did.  I do have an occasional drink but I do not drink to get drunk. I have nothing that makes me feel so bad about myself that makes me want to drown out my life. I would rather get up early to go to the farmers market and Estate sales, than to waste a full sunny day on the couch.  Now I can read great books in my sunroom and watch the boys play in the yard.

or read the Sunday paper on the front porch.

Thank you God for my home and awesome life.