Sunday, June 02, 2013

God Spoils Me

I have been so grateful to God that this is my home, my desk. I look out onto such an abundance of nature every day and I never have to leave my home. I got a kayak a few weeks ago and literally just got back from an awesome kayak on the bay this morning before 10 a.m.  Its been really windy all week so when the bay looked like glass out there I hurried and got in a quick paddle.  The biggest workout is carrying that thing up and down my stairs to the balcony!!! Hey any work out I will take! 
I found a great yoga on Create TV I do every morning as well.  
Jasper turned 11 yesterday! My little buddy, my rock, my travel companion, my family. It was a bittersweet happy birthday because, well, 11 my number, and 11 he is getting up there. He shows no signs of aging thank you Lord. He is still as spunky and grumpy as ever!!!  Jeffery is good too altho, he has gotten skinny because he does not eat when I board them at the kennel when I travel. A few months ago I traveled 5 out of 6 weeks. Portland Maine, Cleveland, San Diego, back to Cleveland, Detroit. All my projects all culminated at the same time.  Can we talk about my job? I love love love it. 
Granted that travel was extensive, but then for about 4 months I worked from my home and didn't travel at all.  It depends on the project.  My bosses have been awesome and encouraging.  I am living all my dreams.  I do still have that one issue. When I drink I turn into an asshole. I don't have a lot of friends here in St Petersburg, I was stupid to think I could make friends at bars, drinking. Those are not the kinds of people I really want as friends. I need to venture out to yoga classes, meditation classes. I would LOVE to find a live Kirtan group here. I need to find my earthy crunchy people!!! I will. I have to stop drinking all together. Even one drink leads to an asinine event on the internet. 
God has given me so much. God has granted so many of my hearts desires. Life is truly awesome right now. 
my daily view, soda water!!