Thursday, April 06, 2006

NOTHING like being persued by a NY man!!!!

I will tell you one thing, Colorado men are VERY laid back. Or shall we just say LAZY????? Or maybe they just do absolutely NOTHING and expect so much in return. And there is NOTHING like being pursued by a NY man! They are persistant, relentless and now I'm beginning to think I made a mistake leaving them behind. The NY male is definitely an expert in the art of the pursuit. They MAKE it fun and flirty. God I miss those days I would wake up to emails from men who refreshingly pursued me and made me feel like I was a hot commodity. Breathy emails on how nice I looked today, I was thinking about you, gee your hair smells terrific, I know I ask you every day and you turn me down every day but how about getting together later. Deep masculine voices that purrrrrrrr "hi sexy"............yummmmmmmmmm. Phone calls that made me blush, looks that made me feel naked. Eager footsteps always on my front porch without a call first. God How I miss all that! Now, here in Denver I have to practically throw myself into thier laps or dial the phone for them. Well, Colorado men, I won't do it for you any more. You need to learn how to wine and dine a woman and make her FEEL like you WANT her. Geeeeeessssshhhhhhh, no wonder there are so many Colorado men out there hiking BY THEMSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And now you are making me feel terrible that I have turned so many of you fabulous NY men down, (Hey New York!!!!! ....making that universal hand gesture that means "Call Me")