Friday, April 28, 2006

It RAINING in Colorado!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, it is raining in Colorado. I just realized how much I miss those days, rainy days, sitting on my couch under one of the many fleece blankets I have made, hot cup of coffee, at least 2 or 3 books I am reading all at once, a warm doggie snuggled in a round ball next to me and looking out my window at the rain drizzling down outside. Cars driving by on the shiney roads. Sometimes a familiar truck pulls in my driveway and makes my heart jump.
I never realized how much I miss those rainy days. You never know what you have until you move 2000 miles away from it. I have always loved my simple life. I always said I am looking for my own Stars Hollow. I didn't realize I was already there. I already had my peace and serenity. I got greedy and wanted more out of life. It took a really big change in my life to realize what was really more important to me and what made me happiest. Sometimes winning the lottery isnt the best..................