Saturday, April 22, 2006

Easter Sunday at the cabin

04/16/06 Easter Sunday
My worst fear happened yesterday. I tied the boys out with a long rope. They loved jumping up on the snow banks and exploring the good smells of the mountains. I was inside the cabin doing something when I looked out the window and saw Jasper further out in the snow, with out the leash. I don’t know how the leash ever got off him but it did. He was kind of far away. And he had that look, that look of a hunting dog looking for wildlife. I got a piece of chicken but that was no use. He kept looking at the forest behind us that goes straight up a hill. The only luck I had was that the snow was too deep for him to run, he kept getting stuck in the deep snow and I finally got him. Of course I was shaking, scared out of my mind once again. All I could think of was him lost in these woods and mountains. I don’t know how the leash came off. It’s a leash for a St Bernard! The metal hooking part is huge. But it did. It is the worst feeling in the world. I am glad I brought the big metal fence. At least we can enjoy the outside with the door open with the fence up. I try to be as careful as I can, but when I try to treat my dogs like other normal dogs, sometimes it’s not worth it. Not worth losing them. I may spoil my dogs. I may be too lenient than most. But they are my boys. I won’t do it any other way. So if I meet someone and they ever make me choose, the boys will come first.
WOW, was that refreshing. As I mentioned earlier, the showers are not open and I really needed to wash my hair. It was stuck to my head. I went to the visitor center. No Sunday paper and the women’s room has those automatic faucets. So I went to the water spigot outside of the cabin. It’s fresh mountain water. Drinkable too says the info in the cabin. And freakin COLD, I mean really cold. There is a new meaning to the words “frozen headache”. But I feel SO much better now.
Its beautiful sunny out, the people in the cabin across have left and its just me now. And that is exactly how I like it. I will have today and tomorrow. I will pack up and leave around 5. I am still getting used to this Colorado weather. Its still kinda weird to be walking over snow with sandals on. But that’s how it is here.