Saturday, April 22, 2006

Cabin 5 at Vega State Park

On the drive here I saw my first forest fire, or brush fire? I don’t know what they call them here. I was on the phone with my cousin. If you know me, I don’t answer the phone at all. But it was Ursula and she was going thru a significant “moving forward” step in her life and I had to wish her well. Ursula and I are more than sisters; I think we were from the same soul, just born different years but in the same family. She is the only other person in the world besides my daughter that is exactly like me. And the similarities are actually freaky. I am so glad she is in my life. So I’m driving down the last 12 miles to the cabin off the main highway, a winding 12 miles, with a dog on the lap. Chatting away with Urs, I see smoke in the distance. As I get closer I realize that the smoke is coming from a large source and it looks like it is exactly 12 miles up the road. With my luck it will be my cabin. But as I get closer I actually can see the fire on the side of a mountain! The last 5 miles are on treacherous road. There are no guardrails and the road is very narrow. There are no shoulders just a drop down, straight down. When we got here I was in a tank top. It was sunny and warm. Today it is snowing. That is Colorado weather for you.

Oh, I have to tell you the first thing I did on the trip after I meticulously took 3 hours to pack and get all our gear, food etc into the truck. I got the boys into the front seat. Shut the door, and yep, they were locked in the car with my purse and both sets of keys to the car. I was very very lucky that the back door was opened, but I still had to crawl over everything packed in the back to get to the keys on the front seat. Of course the dogs looked at me like, mom is having more fun than us once again.

This cabin is nice and cozy. Sitting here I get gorgeous views from every window. The back window goes out to the hillside forest. I am hoping to see wildlife out there. The front windows look over the lake and mountains. It’s snowing kind of hard and that’s okay because it is actually too warm in here. It is so peaceful and quiet and calm. It is time to live just in the present, not the past and not the future. Just be here now.

Rude awakening, I finally got myself together to go down to the showers. They are closed for the winter. I did manage to drive to the Visitor Center. They have a gift shop with books and stuff. I will be back. More books! Oh yeah.

2:27 You are not going to believe this. Honestly, Im sitting at my cabin window drinking an apricot martini and I swear to God an ambulance is at the cabin across from me. I have never experienced that before.