Saturday, April 22, 2006

Decided to go home early

Like I do so many times, I could be sitting there quietly, reading my books, and then I looked around my peaceful cabin, still have two more nights to spend here. I looked at the bunk bed, the camping coffee maker that needs a full fire made every time I use it and of course something in my brain snapped. I thought of my luxury condo waiting for me at home. The corner of my big couch that I snuggle in to watch tv or read. Two full days off work. ……..It only took me a half hour to pack all my stuff. I still had a sunny day to drive home, I still didn’t get back until 10 at night. But as I was driving back I knew, I don’t think I am a camping out doors girl any more. I have already realized I am not a skier any more. The year before, driving back from the Adirondacks I knew I would never tent camp again. As you can see from the pictures the mountains here are beautiful. But I don’t like driving in them at night. Maybe I just don’t like doing these adventures by myself. It looks like I am going to concentrate on fixing up the patio at home. I am reverting back to my hermit ways again. I will venture out to festivals, concerts etc in the Denver area. But those long drives just aren’t for me any more. I love the comfort of home.
I know what you are thinking, I moved out here for all those reasons. Well, the mountains are still so beautiful to look at. The city is still exciting. I will be here for a while. I have no where else to go. And I have my boys to keep me company for now.