Saturday, April 22, 2006

Cabin on Easter Weekend


Now if I was home I certainly would not go for a walk at 6:52 a.m. while it was snowing. But here I am walking the dogs on a chilly morning, snow fluttering down. We can see the Vega Reservoir, its 80% frozen. There is snow up to the table top next to the cabin and snow covers the firepit completely. There was a nice big shovel near the door when we got here. Maybe I will get ambitious. Right now I am building small fires with the firewood I brought on the hibachi I have for cooking. Note to self and any others listening. Do not buy the cheap charcoal and fluid at Walmart. But the firewood is working much better and it’s kind of nice to have the campfire right on the front porch actually. The front porch is concrete. But the fire place in the cabin is cozy! We will be snuggled up to that this snowy afternoon. We have lots of books and magazines and I brought 2 huge knuckle bones for the boys. My plan is to tie each dog so they are just out of reach of each other to enjoy the bones completely.

I gotta go check the sausage on the fire.