Thursday, April 26, 2012

Not bad for 53

And I have no plans on getting old any time soon. I have too many things going on that keep me very very young. I think I am going to join the Hive, they have really good yoga classes and I want to try the Hot Yoga. I bet it gets sexy in there!!!!  And the boot camp. I have a few 5K races coming up. I have no where in my date book a place to add "aging" hahahahaha. I will be doing some traveling in my new job so I plan to explore everywhere I go. I have this huge empty white board in front of me and I am anxious to start penciling in some adventures. Definitely more hiking and camping in the future. There is a nice little trailer I have my eye on. A little one. I dont want to pull a big huge tin can. Something smaller like 12 feet, but not a pop up. I thank you God for my wonderful life every day. You are bringing to me all the delights of my heart.