Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

I kind of lost it in Warrior II pose today. The studio was like 90 degrees and it is quite understandable. I interpret Warrior II pose to be arms outstretched, half in the past and half in the future, legs stance ready for action, ready for anything. That is me. That will be me all next week. My last week at my old job. While gearing up and accepting packages for my new job to get set up. I will be simultaneously in the past and in the future. But I am ready for anything. I am ready for action. I love my old job and I will miss it. This company is good and if you want to remain "safe" until retirement, It's the perfect place to be. I see nothing wrong with it. For most people with families and kids, college aged kids etc. Its a good place. You are safe, and you can stretch yourself here and there if needed but not necessary. Like today. I did my forward bends, and twists. I used the yoga block a few times. I am not yet limber.
But I don't want to remain safe any more. I am at my best when I challenge myself. So in my new job I will reach even further than I did before, balance on one foot on tiptoe if I can, open my heart in a back bend and allow it to break OPEN. No more easy child's pose for me. I am not dead, or retired or any where near that yet. I am alive, hahahah I just misspelled that, alove, I think I like that new word. ALOVE! Alive for love......yep.
I will breathe in new air. I will challenge myself every day. I got so complacent. No more.......I am so ready for this!!

Virabhadrasana II
Now that I know this pose was named after some warrior who grew from the hair of a blue devil, I like to use it to strengthen myself against my enemies: those evildoers who constrict the oxygen supply of precious freedom. Here's how it's done: I want you to step forward with your left foot pointing straight ahead and your back foot turned in about 45 degrees. Inhale, and take your arms out to the side, and on the exhale bend your front knee. Look past your right hand, and repeat the mantra "God Bless America". This will counter the evil effects of the pose.