Thursday, May 03, 2012

Delta, tea or me?

Bellvue Wa (Seattle),and then Eden Prairie MN. Two trips in the month of May already and it's only my third day on my new job! I vow that I will not be like the old Cyndie and stay to myself, hole up in my room and just veg out. I am going to look every stranger in the eye. Talk to them with genuine conversation. Everyone has a story, I'm going to find out what the stories are. But I am going to sincerely listen. I want to see honest smiles and share heartfelt laughter. I want to do more than network, I want to reach out and touch souls. Make a soul family. I guess I didn't do very well with the family I was given. I didn't do very well in the love area either. I loved and trusted wrong. But I am not going to give up. My life isn't over. I have been given a huge opportunity and I will not mess up this time. I have had a long time to review my mistakes and I know I have to make better efforts this time. Ask the right questions and lay down tougher rules before I open up my heart again. But I am pretty confident I will find what I am looking for. Thank you God for this marvelous opportunity.