Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Transformation Vacation

I am on the porch with my coffee and Mother Earth News. They are offering a DVD 40 years for 40$ I plan to purchase. It is every article ever published in Mother Earth the last 40 years! I think that is a GOOD deal, especially if I plan to retire to a Duro shed in the middle of the woods. My retirement plans change on a daily basis. So much so that in my daily notebook I have a spot I have bookmarked, "Current Retirement Plans".
Well for the next 12 days I have several really good books and lots of yoga and exercise planned. If you do not hear from me that is because I have decided to go "off grid" from everything. I have communicated with the only two people in the world that need to know why they may not hear from me. The only two people I talk to on a daily basis that are and have been what I would call the Truest of friends!!! Unconditional Friends. Hey, see, I have learned something already in my
transformation vacation first morning!
Oh the possibilities of a vacation ahead of me..................