Wednesday, July 14, 2010

90 Days of Yoga - Day 8-10 Lunar Yoga

We have had 2 lunar eclipses, June 26 and July 11, major for me Capricorn. My horoscope says that means BIG changes will come into my life. Eclipses are a sign of endings. Endings of things or relationships that are not working in your life to make room for things that are better. As I read those words for the last few months I panicked. I knew exactly who they were talking about. Its not like I haven't tried to extract Jeffery or feelings for Jeffery before. But there just seem to be times I just want to hold on kicking and screaming and never let go. Only because well 1, he was the BEST. And 2, it was so familiar. But I do send all of the Jeffery in my life out to the universe now. With good thoughts.

So today to honor the lunar eclipses altho I am a few days behind I will do my Moon Salutations!
I am SO ready for the next chapter of my life. I have learned in the last few weeks due to some cosmic prodding NOT to return to the same old same old, even if it is another man other than Jeffery. I have been reminded that allot of the important men in my life, (Jeffery, Frank, even John) have treated me like an after thought. Some thing they will get to when all the important OTHER things have been emptied. Number 5 on every one's list of priorities, and I am so tired of the boring and mundane. and the waiting waiting waiting. If I want that, I will remain alone very happily.

I have always heard, if a man wants you, he will go after you!!! Remember that ladies. NEVER chase a man!

With that said, oh I am so very happy! The man in my neighborhood that I have adored from afar is, well I cannot say actively after me, but well, yes actually he IS. Would you say being parked right in front of my car looking for me to come out of the the gas station, seeing me, getting out of his car and asking me WHERE have I been all week????? Is kind of actively pursuing? We talked and more on that another time. But all I can say is that slowly but surely, things are looking good.
And to think I almost gave him up for someone who lives so far away and really treats me like an afterthought, that would have been the OLD Cyndie, going for someone that is literally not 100% available.
So I promise I will not make all the old mistakes, God has allowed me one last soul mate, I guess I didn't use up my quota for this lifetime. I will do it all right, and nurture and let this grow. I hope my next full moon we will be gazing at it together, dreamily happy!