Saturday, July 10, 2010

90 Days of Yoga - Day 4 - 6 Balance

I have been trying to get up early to do yoga in the morning. Not every morning but that may soon come. I have been reading allot of Yoga articles and books, (and listening to yoga talk podcasts!) the past few days also and there seemed to be a running theme, (of course I do not believe in coincidences) BALANCE. At first it seems so simple, I have learned to balance things in my life, right? Career is no longer my numero uno, now that I don't devote 14 hour days to my company I am home alone with the TV. Now that I work normal hours, I no longer have a family to come home too. Cosmic joke maybe. Balance? Hmm? I guess I am still learning that one. I am an all or nothing gal. Black or white. I am not good with the grey areas in between. Action Woman or total sloth. Just one drink? ha Never, or no drinking at all all weekend. Friend or enemy. That I think is where I need to learn my balance. Not be so rigid.
But speaking of drinking! I look over at my water bottle in the morning sun, it looks so beautiful all shiny and glittery and I have written words on my water bottle, I was listening to a study by Dr Emoto that was very fascinating. I do believe that if you set your intentions and write beautiful words on your water container, the water becomes more than just water. And what a beautiful way to set your intentions, on cool clear water that goes down your throat, quenches you and is so very close to your heart and soul. Dr Emoto's water when left in a petri dish created beautiful crystals, where the water with no words only created fungus. I have heard about creating your own healing water this way years ago. I just like the beautiful intention!
Well it is a beautiful Saturday morning and I don't have any intentions for this weekend except to do yoga, eat healthy and read allot! And drink lots of water from my beautiful bottle.