Sunday, July 11, 2010

90 Days of Yoga - Day 7 Heart Opening

I had to search for a heart opening yoga today because I am not very good at letting people into my life. I am reluctantly trying to shed my hermit ways. It will be 2 years in Aug I have been in the city. I had relegated my self to Gasport when I came back from Denver, that wasn't secluded enough, I moved to a farmhouse in Albion surrounded by cornfields. Ok so I was also trying to move closer to Jeffery and revive what we had in Lockport when we lived so close to each other. But it was also there I began my intensive yoga which changed my life and brought me back home.
In the yoga session I was asked to feel compassion and love, so I thought of my dogs, they always give me a really good feeling in my heart, then I was asked to expand that feeling, so I thought about the dogs in the neighborhood, it is very easy for me to love all dogs. Then I expanded good thoughts toward my neighbors, I feel that I have to send good thoughts and intentions to people that bother me to cancel out those bad thoughts. So I thought of my neighbors that irritate me on a daily basis, I started to surround our circle of homes with the healing white light of protection, then I started to expand that to the rest of my neighborhood, which to my astonishment included the guy 2 streets over I have had a crush on for 2 years that talked to me and then suddenly disappeared and to my cousin 2 streets the other way that I have not been having very good thoughts about. I surrounded us all with the light of protection. It may have dissipated my negative feelings but it also reinforced feelings of wanting to be a hermit and to go live in the woods and not have to deal with the complication of people. So much for heart opening. I am really good at running away. But what is so wrong about living in a little cabin in the woods with my dogs and reading, cooking and doing yoga everyday??????