Monday, January 25, 2010

Name that farm

Cold Antler Farm is a new blog I have been following, Turkey Hill Farm is the famous name of Martha Stewart's farm. I need to name my farm! Ok so maybe I don't have a farm, but what I do have is Barnheart, which is a yearning to live amongst farm animals in the country and churn your own butter, which is actually really easy if you read the blog. I have always wanted a farm with a big vegetable and herb garden in the back, flower gardens along the sides of the house, chickens and goateee goatees..... I love goats. Hmmmmm the Shabby Goat Farm (shabby chic). Ok I HEARD that, I am not using the Funny Farm. Even tho I have been really bad lately. I think I got it all out of my system. I need to revert to being the farm girl I always wanted to be, but for now, the farmgirl that lives in the city. This distraction finally comes at a good time. I have been wasting too much time with the past. I yell at everyone else for dwelling in the past and there I am leading the parade! I love all the recipes and cool things that I could sew or knit. I am getting all these ideas from these great blogs and I will link to them on the side there -------> So this blog is going to take a turn there. Or should I start a whole new blog? Well let me noodle on that. More to come. Since I have also been cooking alot, I will start adding my recipes and pics too.