Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dancing at the Lafayette Tap Room

Went out for Happy Hour with friends, checked out the New Duff's on Dick Rd. Great 2 for 1 specials, but the atmosphere was not so great. BRIGHT lights that me and the other older women were none too fond of, and the music was just loud enough so that you could not tell what the song was.....of course me, she who cannot go straight home, ended up at the Lafayette Tap room. I hung out with some new friends I made, and there was this one couple, whose names I have already forgotten, they have been married like forever. They have been coming to the Tap room for over 20 years. And they dance. Every time they are there. Maybe 20 dances a night. I watched them dance together. Blues music. They seemed to have the yoga face. You know, complete calm and serenity. That "I don't give a hoot about anything" smirk. They were really happy with each other. And then upon closer inspection, I noticed something really odd. He had a sort of crooked bend for an old man, and so did she. But the closer I looked they bent into each other like interlocking puzzle peices.
20 years of dancing with each other will do that to a wonderful to have a puzzle peice that fits only you.