Sunday, November 23, 2008

Revelation 3

As I was driving home from my Saturday afternoon lunch at Panera, I witnessed a car stopping all oncoming traffic, in the middle of the road waiting to get into my lane. I let the little old couple in front of me. A thought suddenly dawned on me as I followed this little old couple down Delaware Road.
My retirement vehicle! Not only do I have to save up in my 403B, but something that not a lot of us think about, I will also have to set aside money for my Crown Victoria or Mercury Marquise!!!!!! How much do those things cost any way???? Oh, if only they still made those big square Lincoln Town cars! You know, the kind that you could only make a 14 point turn in, a modified retirement version of the 3 point turn. I would get a yellow one with the black roof. With these economic times, the failure of GM, Ford and Chrysler, should I buy my Crown Victoria NOW???? And store it until I retire? What kind of cars will be available in the future? What kind of fuel will be available. Oh, sooooo many things to think about and plan for. I got my Social Security statement in the mail last month. It stated that if I want my full retirement amount I have to retire at 70!!! Will I shrink by then? Will I be able to see over the steering wheel? Will it matter? Will I just drive any way? I knew of a little old lady who lived on Troy Del Way and she had this beautiful Gold Caddillac. It was a well known fact that she would just pull out onto Sheridan drive without checking traffic. Yikes!!! Will that be me? I am a stubborn bull head now, who knows what dementia will
add to my personality? Everyone is talking about fuel efficient cars, new fuels, restructuring vehicles for the changing times. I know one thing they are not thinking about. And that is what kind of car are the retired little old people going to drive? Soon the baby boomer retiree’s will outnumber all other generations.
Something to think about Detroit………..