Thursday, November 27, 2008

I was not alone on Thanksgiving day.........

At the end of my street were OVER 10,000 people! The oldest consecutively run foot race in North America. As of this morning, 10,250 people had registered to run in Buffalo's 113th annual Turkey Trot.
And with all those people at the end of my street, I sweatered up the boys and headed down to check out the festivities. It was COLD, but spirits were up! It was
really cool to see all the people. God works in mysterious ways. I got to mingle with the karma of over 10,000 people and then return to my quiet toasty warm home.
Today, I am truly greatful for all that I have in my life today. I am truly blessed with the most beautiful 23 year old daughter that has a fantastic head on her shoulders, (lightyears ahead of her mom at that age, headed toward a great life). Two precious pups that make me laugh and feel loved every day. A great cozy home and neighborhood, good friends, family, and a job I love and can learn in every day.
There is so much more. Thank you Lord.
now to long to bake a 14lb turkey.........