Thursday, November 01, 2012

Calendar Pages

November 1st already. I save all my calendar pages. I don't know why. As I was turning my calendar page, I looked back. This particular calendar started at my desk at Fidelis. I started the year working at Fidelis, living in Lyndonville, went to Florida in March and somehow fell in love with it. Had a phone interview on the drive home from Florida and the company moved so quickly, I was suddenly working from home, at yet another dream job. In Lyndonville. 
Lyndonville suddenly got very small when you are there every day. My landlord pressured me on deciding if I want to buy the house. When it came right down to it. I could not. I knew that the area had served its purpose for my spiritual growth. But it was time to point my face to the sun. Signs and nudges pushed me like a sailboat in the wind to Sarasota. And just like the wind, once their jobs were done, the winds died down and were no longer. 
Which for me is good. I am very adaptable. I can meander like a brook to get where I need to be. I love where I am. I love the anticipation and the possibilities. I just need to make some friends because it can also get very lonely. This area is certainly conducive to bringing your pet along for lunch dates. But I would like a little more conversation. I no longer have or want the option to meet new friends at bars. Drinking and bar friends are not a life style I choose any more. I want to get out and about. I have another photography class tonite. I know that is a great path that I chose. I hope it leads me to many avenues I have never considered. 
Two more months left in this year. Who knows what I may be adding to the rest of my days.....

My lunch date at Cha Cha Coconuts