Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My first lesson

Can you see Tycho crater? I started taking photography lessons!  I originally bought my Sony Cybershot camera because someone else on Facebook took a remarkable picture of the moon. I was so inspired!  Well, I knew the camera was a powerful camera, but I did not realize how much until my first lesson last night. I took a private lesson first, so I could get to know what my camera was all about and what it can do! It can do a lot!  Oh I am going to have so much fun with this! Wait till you see! 
I believe this was spirit led. The camera, the lessons. A new way for me to look at life. To see more detail. Even tho I work as a techie. I have always known that I have some issues with seeing the fine detail of things. I gloss over things all the time. I wave away the finer details of life. I need to slow down and get lost in the minutiae of life.
Also, it is something new and challenging and fun to do. A challenge to learn. A great way of getting to know my new surroundings! I love this new adventure. 
So besides my private lesson, I am signed up for the 4 part Digital Photography classes. But the best class of all? Saturday we sleep over at Busch Gardens like we are on a safari on a teaching photography class! How awesome is that? There was mention of a Sunset class. There are also numerous walking classes. I think this will be an ongoing thing for me.  We talked about the things I like to photograph. I mentioned that I like to take outdoor, nature and animal photos. It was immediately suggested that I should join them when they go to Maine when they go for a photo destination trip. I laughed. I told him I just moved to Florida and I am not ready to head back up north just yet!

Candy my pretty???

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