Sunday, August 12, 2012

Big big changes

Life throws curve balls at you and you can catch em and throw em back, or duck and hope they miss you. But they boomerang back when you think you doged that bullet. This time I caught that bullet in my teeth! I was striving so hard for something I thought I wanted and needed, and I was so sure and literally so close! But something in me had a feeling, so I said, if this doesn't happen it will break your heart. So I needed a back up plan that would pick me up and console me, and I created one. But the more I researched my Back up plan the more I didn't really want my first goal to happen. If it did I would be so isolated and stuck in a dead end town. And then it happened, it fell through. I was dealt the blow of No. But I didn't feel bad. Not bad at all. So it is on to plan B. Full steam ahead. And it will be vibrant, and thriving! Exhilarating healthy and happy. It's what I should have done a long time ago. This time I am doing it for ME!