Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Last Train Out of Town

Friday I had dinner with three of my closest friends. I cherish and love them dearly. Katherine, Barb and Terri. You see before you 4 awesome women. All single because we will not settle for any thing but exactly what we deserve. Yes, we can be intimidating because we can take care of ourselves, we are financially stable and well, the one thing that scares most men away--- We will not accept bad behavior! We will not accept disrespect. 

Our last toast together was:

I want a man that is going to chase me like I am the Last Train Out of Town!!!!!!!

I get contacted a lot  but not by any available men. But I am very hopeful and confident that soon I will be meeting some vibrant single men where I am going.  I am sure of it!!! Can't wait. 
This time I will do everything right.