Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 4 of 30

Restorative Yoga for today. Because I over did it with the Insanity work out and had beer and wine last night in a friends fab backyard garden .

Change. I never thought I was going to move again. I have moved so many times, but this time I moved here with the intention of being here permanently.  I accepted the fact that I would drive 44 miles each way for work. I thought I would be at Fidelis forever too. My how things have changed in 1 year.  But for good. For my dreams are to finally come true! I am open to wonderful possiblilties.
When I first moved here I was full of hope, love and feelings of finally reaching a long awaited goal. I was so naive and gullible. I did not realize that my true wishes and dreams were going to come true, but only if I eliminate that, that no longer serves me, respects me or has my best interest or heart. It was really hard to face, and to accept, but with time, I have accepted it. And of course now, it makes a lot more sense. More than it did when I had to face it. I could not continue to respect myself if I allowed people in my life that have no respect for me. I had to detox people that have no substance or quality lives from my continuously growing abundant life. The more I let go, the more such great and wonderful opportunities presented themselves to me. I observe women gripping and clawing to hang on to men that are of such low quality characters and are just bad news waiting to happen and I want to just yell at them!  But they have to learn on their own. They need to see the results of such poor poor choices.  I trust yoga and my spirituality to help guide me to open my heart, and open my eyes to see the truth out there. My life is so good and happy because of my good choices...................