Saturday, November 19, 2011

Little Ollie

One of my best friends has lost her best friend. After 15 wonderful years little Ollie has gone on to heaven. Now I am certainly a dog lover. And I love my friend Katherine and her little Ollie. But I never expected to react the way I have. I am truly heart broken that he is gone. I understand the laws of nature. I understand that our little friends don't have a long life. But if there was one little doggie that I would wish to live forever, that would be Ollie. He was the sweetest little sweet heart! I fell in love with him the first time I met him when I moved next door to Katherine in 2006. Maybe it was the way he carried himself, the way he trotted around the yard. I have my own two little manimals, but Ollie is the original Manimal. My heart is actually breaking over him. I cannot imagine what Katherine is feeling. I will do what ever I can to be there for my dear friend.
The night it happened, I cried, I wailed. I felt like one of those characters in Claissa Pinkola Estes stories. I felt like I was crying for the world, for all my pain, for all the pain I ever felt in my life. Like a singing drum, like that fable of the salt maker that never stopped at the bottom of the ocean. Maybe since I have been doing so much inner work, this was the first time I ever felt true sorrow. But enough about me. Rest in Peace Mr Ollie. We loved you so much and we will miss you every day. I know your spirit will come to visit Katherine often.

You were a good dog little man.