Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Seeing with the eyes of my heart

Today was the first day in more than two weeks my back did not hurt. This made me happy because I have been wanting to get back to my yoga. I need it sooooo bad. For so many reasons. I did the Deep Release restorative Yin Yoga to start so I don't injure myself again.
 As usual I do not believe in coincidence, my email box was full of yoga or spiritual messages on forgiveness. Can I forgive to move on with my life? Unfortunately, it is ME that needs to be forgiven.  I have to forgive myself. And I am finding it hard to do.

But the yoga feels good. I am bending and stretching and leaning close into my body, which is not easy as I am on vacation and I have not showered in 4 days. I am myself in all my glory.

I am trying to look at the world thru the eyes of my heart and not my head. I am trying to love the world. For the most part I do. The last few days have been unseasonably warm. I have been walking around the grass barefoot to try and ground myself. I am supposed to unburden all my problems into a tree, to touch it and hold it and let all my sorrows into the tree, because the tree is so grounded it can take them and offer them up to the universe and take them away from me. I have a really awesome huge tree in my front yard but I am not sure my neighbors are ready to see me hugging it yet..........this does make me laugh. I am open to a new world, new life. But right now I am to sit, in peace and just be for now. Constant presence with what is.....I have not a problem with that.