Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Yoga Peeps and Yoga Today

I am LOVING my yoga lately. It has really been helping me so much in every aspect of my life! (I am still working on my road rage)
I especially love the free yoga classes on, they make it soooooo enjoyable and I look forward to it. I also started doing my yoga in the morning before work! It works out wonderfully, I could never work out in the morning because I just didn't have the energy to
do the greulling aerobic and weight training I was putting myself through. I just was not enjoying my work outs or didn't even look forward to it. I kept telling myself, as soon as I am thin and cut and muscular, THEN I will switch to my real love, yoga............ well one day I just said, the heck with that, I am going to do strictly yoga NOW. It is what makes me happy and I am all about what makes Cyndie happy now.
I also have just found a great podcast called Yoga Peeps. I know, people talking about yoga?? How boring, but I have been spellbound with each and every podcast.

I just love how things are going.
Thank You God for everything in my wonderful life.