Saturday, March 01, 2008

If the Budha dated

This was so interesting that I am just publishing what I read on the blog.

However, it is the Heart Chakra that is the most important chakra for soul development because it is the spiritual center in the body that is utilized for the cultivation of LOVE and COMPASSION, and therefore dictates the overall evolution of the individual. This is evidenced by the fact that whenever we feel COMPASSION for another, we feel it in the heart area of the body." OK, and now the review from the If Buddha Dated book. Enjoy!Her definition of a spiritual journey is the path we take to be who we truly are, without pretense or attempts to please lovers, family members, or other authority figures. We come to learn that we can love and be loved best by being who we truly are, showing our vulnerability and our humanity, while still expecting to be treated with consideration, compassion, and kindness. Early in the book, she states, "on the spiritual path, the purpose of any relationship is to wake up and get to know ourselves and our lover, thoroughly, without judgment or pride." And, "Dating with a Buddhist consciousness means a willingness to confront anything inside that kindles fear or anxiety. When we start wanting to run away, be deceptive, tell lies, or put on a mask, we need to walk right into our fears, sit down, and talk to them until they become our friends. That doesn't mean we have a goal of getting rid of fear; rather we accept it as part of our unfolding journey." I couldn't agree more.Her lists of behaviors for us to examine in our partners and ourselves are excellent and straightforward. A close examination of what we want and what we have to offer, our values and our desires, all play into what makes relationships work or not. She says, "True commitment is born of knowledge. We can't say yes to what we don't know."Her list of questions to explore with your partner before becoming sexual (page 126) are excellent. So much worthy of quoting that I suggest you simply BUY this book. A little jewel.