Saturday, March 08, 2008

Peaceful....calm...Bring it on!!!

OH my Gosh do I feel sooo good right now. I just did my Kundalini yoga, and some meditation. I could not close my eyes as I was on the edge of my bed and just watching the snow falling outside was enough to calm me. After my shower I said to myself, Wow, I really feel GOOD right now. Peace, calm. The day hasn't even started and I already shoveled 5 times ( I kid you not) since I got home from work yesterday. (Each shoveling was 8 in or more!!) As I tell my friends..... I only shovel my walks for Fung shui purposes. If they are not clear then no one will come into my life!

I have just gotten my big old chair situated in front of my large bedroom window, I have some good books to read and I plan to watch the Blizzard from my HDTV window. I wish I could take a pic but my digital bit the dust. I will put up a webcam shot, I apologize for the blurryness.

OK big Blizzard! Bring it on!!!