Friday, October 12, 2012

I ran across the bridge

It sounds like an affirmation or the title to a book. I should write the book. I ran across the John Ringling Bridge on Tuesday.  It seems when ever I need to forget something or run from my demons, I run. OH boy do I run. It felt really good to run across this bridge. I even did the Rocky Balboa fist pumps at the apex in the middle on the way back. And I sweat! It is so friggin hot here in Florida so I certainly sweat. I sweat out toxins in my body that needed to get out. There are so many things in my brain, my body that I need to get out and wash down the drain. I am such an ASININE self sabotaging idiot that really really needs to get the biggest kick in my ass. It has gotten to the point where I just cannot drink any more. Not a drop. Because when I do I put on my ASS hat. I do things I cannot believe I have done when I wake up the next day. It is like there is this tortured black hearted soul that just comes out and says. What is the WORSE thing I can do right now to fuck up my life? OMG that's perfect!!!  But I have stooped to my absolute lowest of the low. I have lashed out at innocent people. Aren't they all tho? The people that I contact on the internet? My weapon of choice. 
90% of my life has been so wonderful and good and spiritually awakened. But the other 10%. And it is the most important 10% that should be at the top. I fucked up royally. I have self imposed myself to my hermit-dom for now. Not to figure out why I do it, but to just stay away from the public and read books on alcoholism, sobriety and more spirituality. Not that it will ever fix the latest things that  I have done. Maybe part of this is because I do everything alone. Being alone all the time is so painful for me. If I just had someone...... I wake up in the middle of the night wondering why I should still exist any more? I have sabotaged everything good in my life. I don't deserve forgiveness at this point. I deserve a pointed finger and a You selfish asshole!!!

So I do exist. Nothing I can do about it right now. So I run. I run across this bridge. Each step stomping on my soul. God dam you Cyndie. God dam you.