Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My triathlon

So what has not drinking done for me? FREEDOM! Not only am I having an absolutely awesome stay-cation, I think I will create my own triathlon. I was reading about this awesome military race that includes weight lifting running obstacles and the kitchen sink and a bug just crawled up my ass, so I said to myself, Myself, what would you really enjoy if you were training for this race? So yesterday I started my own modified training, I did 45 minutes of yoga, then I ran 2 miles on the treadmill, and then I did P90X shoulder & arms and ab ripper, yes and I felt great, and I am going to do it again in a few minutes. After a while, you won't recognize me! I do the yoga for mental and spiritual transformation, the running so I can do not only more 5ks but I want to run to the lake and back as my goal and I think that is 8 or more miles. Need to track that. The weights for strength and to sculpt me into lusciousness!

And yesterday, when I was doing triceps curls I looked over and because I have been eating so healthy, I saw my stomach!

My goal is to do one or more of those crazy races like the warrior dash or dirty girl mud run,
But I REALLY want to do the civilian military race. It's a goal!