Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yoga Sutra 1.I

With humility (an open heart and mind) we embrace the study of yoga.

I embrace what I will learn from my study and doing yoga. I am open to the changes it will and has brought to my life. I have already experienced drastic changes. I TRUST that what ever happens will be for my highest good. I KNOW that some times the learning will not be easy. I HOPE to crack open my heart and the shields I have built over my lifetime. I will accept if after all this, my life remains simple and boring. Earlier I wrote that the paths I have always taken were the least traveled, I always chose the really hard and difficult ways of doing things. Nothing I ever did was easy. I was proud of myself that I was so strong and able to meet every challenge. I always did what was in my heart, but it seems all those decisions and hard ways have led me only to being alone. Completely and utterly alone.
I am tired of hard work now. I just want the easy way out. Maybe live in a secluded property away from people. I think about that all the time. So I will with humility and an open heart and mind embrace the study of yoga to see what it shall bring.