Friday, August 06, 2010

Power to the Peaceful Yoga

Jivamukti, I have found my yoga. Jivamukti. I have been doing the Sharon Gannon and David Life Jivamukti yoga on my vacation and its been cleansing and exhilarating! Yesterday at the end I had visions of my mother on her death bed. No it was not disturbing visions but cleansing and healing visions of her. I cried, cleansing tears. I miss you momma. I miss her so much, and in my ending meditation I breathed all of her strength into me with every breath and promised to continue her life inside of me, to experience every day for her. She has been gone over 20 years now but I miss her every day. I write her letters. Still.
Jivamukti yoga has really kept my attention and I am savoring every single moment, twist, bend and breath. I want more like a heroin addict! And I have also found Kirtan. I listen to it during the day. It brings such peace and serenity into my home.

Lokha Samasta Sukino Bhavantu Om Shanti shanti shanti

May all beings in all worlds be blessed with freedom, health and happiness
Peace in all minds, peace in all bodies, peace in all worlds.