Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yoga people get it......

People that do yoga get it, so it is very hard to explain to others how yoga changes and transforms your life. I don't even understand it myself, I just witness it. During the Chakra Balancing yoga, we honored our father, for many breaths I had to think about and thank a man I have not thought of in many many years. And I had to thank him for my life. Well, for most of my life I blamed him for the really not so great life I have had. Well, after that, I got a letter from his insurance company, and shortly after that a check. My father died in 1990. So yes, I thought it was odd. But not a coincidence.
Since I have been doing yoga, I have been building bridges in places I thought I had burned beyond repair, mainly with family. During the past few years, doing back bends into my past and forgiving, I get a call from my brother! I move back to the city where I grew up, I participate in family reunions, I connect with nieces and nephews.
So this recent connection with my dad. It is also to help me heal. Heal the past. So I have made peace with most of what I have had to make peace with. Except one last thing of course. I wish so hard with everything in my life that I could go back, back to when Jessica was 9 years old and change everything. I would make her my whole world, and I would work 2 or 3 jobs to put her thru the best schools in Buffalo, college, dancing classes, art classes, or what ever her heart desired.
It would be just the two of us in our world until she was 18 or in college on her own. Not alot of yoga can change that.
In some ways, I am just like my father......not proud of it