Sunday, November 22, 2015

A simple shift answers all my questions

I made my own kitchen island with shelves and a large piece of wood. Bar height and bar height chairs. The chairs were just not comfortable. Nowhere to put your feet. So, you know typical weekend morning, my mind is whirring. hmmmm if I take the bricks off the shelves I can have a normal height table, chairs....oh! I have gorgeous wooden chairs I garbage picked in the garage. The result is not as gorgeous but it is comfortable! I can now sit at the table for hours and watch my birdies and squirrels. As I am sitting here I notice an even more positive change. And it dominoes from there. As I am sitting here in a lower chair, I can now see the sky! And in the sky I see the neighborhood hawk hovering in the clouds! This is awesome. 
All summer I kept toying with the idea of what to do with my deck? My ultimate dream was to build a glass sunroom with accordion glass doors from the kitchen. I wanted a glass roof so I could sit in the sun room and gaze at the clouds drifting by and at night look at the stars and moon overhead.  I went to visit a friend 3 streets down and she has a nice glass sunroom. In the exact location as mine on the south side of the house. She told me she can't even walk thru the sunroom in the summer it gets so hot. That was good to know because I don't use my deck because it gets so hot. I could spend 20,000$ on a glass sun room and not be able to use it. Since then I have decided to just get a nice patio umbrella for the deck and fix it up with lots of pots of flowers and my 2 simple adirondack chairs. 
Now sitting at my new table,  I can see the clouds go by and at night I will come here and have a cup of tea and gaze at the stars, from my really cozy kitchen! This table is good for now but now that I already have these gorgeous chairs I can paint them white and order that beautiful white round Pottery Barn table I have been wishing for.  My home is my sanctuary and it gets better and better every day and I am the one doing all the work to make it so homey!!  One small simple shift and I have solved my questions and save thousands of dollars and disappointment.