Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Content on Christmas

I sit here on the lanai. Content. My two little angels at my feet. And I do something I like to do now and then. I proceed to read my spiritual journal. I read about where I was a year or more ago. I was then, in a spiritual "waiting room" wondering where my destiny would take me. Always in gratitude for what God gives me. I was in limbo. I still sort of am. But since then, I started a new job, a job that was the delight of my heart and now a reality. Because of this awesome job I have moved to Florida! of all places! In my writings of a year ago, this was not a single thought or option. But here I am. Unfortunately,
it hasn't been the successful trip I wanted it to be, but maybe that was not what was in the cards any way. One goal was accomplished in my life. The woman and personality that my daughter dislikes. The very actions and personality she sees in me that she is so against---At least she did not grow up and take on the same traits. That was my goal. That she not be like me. I think destiny is telling me my work here is done. I like Florida but I don't know what the hell I am doing here now. 
So I am ending the year having learned and accomplishing much this year! 
The anticipation of 2013! I direct my new year to be filled with ease and joy and bliss. I am in a place (both physically and spiritually) that is by far so much better that where I was a year ago. I have my heart centered and in the right place. As always, Thank you God for my awesome life. Thank you for bringing me this far in my path. Where I continue, I wait for your guidance. Today, I relish where I am now. I miss my friends and up North so much sometimes. I don't know tho, if returning would be a good idea. It would be going backward maybe. I need to get out more, explore more thats for sure!